Nouvelle publication de Denis Monnerie "An anthropologist in Kanaky. Modulations of belonging and otherness"

Denis MONNERIE, 2019, "An anthropologist in Kanaky. Modulations of belonging and otherness. In Integrating Others", Perspectives from Elsewhere, Jos D.M. Platenkamp et Almut Schneider (eds), Palgrave Macmillan, London, p. 75-90.


The Kanak experience of French colonial presence in New Caledonia has been far from beneficial. Nevertheless, in this chapter Denis Monnerie describes how, once it becomes evident that he is not the typical French colonialist, the people of Arama village encounter him with sympathy and hospitality. They invite him to partake in various social activities, ranging from bingo games to life cycle rituals and, most significantly, to join the dignitaries in their council meetings of a Kanak Confederation. By transferring the gifts expected from the participants on all such occasions he demonstrates his acknowledgement of the authority of the Kanak and their ancestors, an essential step towards his integration in Kanak society.